Creative Choice Group

Global Presence USA, China, India and Caribbean
Real Estate Developed 20 million Square Feet
7,000 Residential Units
2,500 Employees

Creative Choice Group (CCG) founded in 1984, is in the business of developing multifaceted commercial and residential properties for over 30 years. The group specializes in real estate investment and development. Its capabilities are broad and having been applied to an array of real estate developments including townships, office buildings, clubs, hotels, high-end condominiums, workforce housing, corporate headquarters, landmark properties, multi-use urban complexes, suburban IT & business parks and lifestyle properties. The company has been awarded and recognized globally for delivering projects per commitment.

CCGs properties and living concept give you an opportunity to experience enhanced lifestyle amenities to rejuvenate yourself away from the stress of the city to create a positive and conscious life assisting greater physical and mental well-being. Creative Choice Group is curating a facility surrounded by pristine nature to offer an unparalleled mindful living space and balanced lifestyle. CCG has so far acquired and developed 40 properties, over 20 million square feet of residential and commercial space.